"I enjoy the synergy of client and artist communication to create special tapestries.  Fun. . .and challenging for me to give clients more than they expect!!"     - Elaine

​Selected Clients of Commissioned Work

                                    . . .over 80 in 40 year career

David Pearson, sculptor

   and Patricia Carlisle, gallery owner, Santa Fe                               John & Annie Denver, Aspen

Doug & Stephanie Murray, Scottsdale                                            Red River Construction, Dallas
Boulder Chamber of Commerce                                                     Missoula Sheraton, MT
Quantum, Colorado Springs                                                          Longmont Hospital, CO
Samsonite Corporation, Denver                                                     Syntex Corporation, Boulder
Majestic Savings & Loan, Denver                                                    Mary McCluskey, Houston
Gerald & Doree Hickman, Boulder, Scottsdale                                Mercy Medical Center, Denver
Gloria & Leo Payne, Castle Rock, CO                                              Crossroads Shopping Center, Boulder

The Forum & Quorum buildings of Vantex Prop., Denver               Alpine Surgery Center, Boulder
Kaiser Permanente, San Diego                                                       Crossroad Shopping Center, Boulder
Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital, Lafayette, CO                          N. Colorado Medical Center, Greeley
Dean & Lisa Frye, Illinois &  California                                           Platte Valley Medical Center, Brighton

Jan Jensen, Boulder                                                                       Dorothy Lurie, Boulder & Houston    

Ken & Janet Hubbell, Ft. Worth, SEE "Resonance" above                 Ray and Dorothy Imel, Boulder