Elaine Nixon

2013 notable events:
- Red Tulips was given the Koropp award at the Gilpin Arts summer show in Central City
- Monarch sold from the Fiber Show at the Center for the Arts in Evergreen; the Center featured my Sunflower on their invitation postcard
- My abstract impression of Antelope Canyon near Lake Powell will show at the Tubac Art Center show, Threads, later this fall

2012 OPEN STUDIO was successful as in the past. The exciting white silk piece, "24 Hour Cactus," the pipe organ cactus which blooms once a year for 24 hours was purchased. You may have seen it at the Boulder Library.

Pink Azalea was shown in the Long Beach Museum of Art as part of Convergence of Handweavers' Guild of America May-Aug.2012

SEPT.2011 Major commission in Ft. Worth home: "Resonance." SEE PHOTOS below the 3 flowers. Its LARGE size does not show here!!

Tiger Lily 35" x 35" bought by a hospital in Suffolk, Virginia 2012!

“In the midst of the clatter of life, I need the beauty of nature and I find peace in weaving wall tapestries. Art, to me, is an expression of communication between artist and viewer on the feeling level. Colors and textures excite me as I try to convey my impressions of nature. After walking and photographing outdoors, I sketch and design to interpret nature’s elements. Using combinations of yarns or mediums, I create flowers, sunsets, mountains into paintings and handwoven tapestries for beauty, joy, and contemplation indoors.”

Peonies 33" x 36" The delightful center of a triptych commissioned by a Boulder resident 2010

Poppy's Purple Center 36" x 36" $2200.00  
Sassy Rose was shown at the Tampa Bay Arts Center 2008; Pink Azalea was at the Long Beach Art Museum 2012

"Resonance" 5' x 3' . . .a new direction in abstracts!

"Resonance" was commissioned by Ken & Janet Hubbell, Ft.Worth


Handwoven Wall Tapestries. Elaine P. Nixon weaves one of a kind tapestry wall hangings featuring flowers & sunsets.